Winning With Words by Steve Markwell.

Steve has a long international career, and public speaking and presentation have always been at the core of his work. From his practical experience, Steve has understood a number of basic principles which underpin successful public speaking and presentation.


The content of all programs of Winning With Words follows these principles:

  • Programs are well structured , professionally delivered, and conducted in a relaxed, stimulating and enjoyable atmosphere

  • All work is driven by the objective of turning Anxiety into Energy and Excitement. A → E2.

  •  Programs are all based on what has proven successful in real- life situations.


  • All work is interactive, and the review of presentations by clients is a key part of the course.


  • The programs cover the preparation of a presentation including the clear statement of objectives, the writing of a presentation, visual aids, personal and venue preparation, and delivery and follow – up.   


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