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Steve Markwell

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Qualifications:BA, Post-graduate Mahler Business school 



Steve has developed and delivered presentations for major corporations, including Procter and Gamble, Ray Ban Sunglasses and Remington Electrical Products. He has trained executives at major organizations to develop and deliver presentations. He has worked with the Surrey distiller, Silent Pool, on local market place selling.


Steve has studied the principles of good presentation, and uses famous classic speeches to illustrate technique. He has worked with individuals developing speeches for social gatherings and C.Vs. 

Liz Markwell

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Qualifications: BA, MBA, PGCE – Organisation and Artistic Director.


Liz has had an international career in education and the arts. She speaks excellent French, some Dutch, and a smattering of other European languages. As well as speaking in public, Liz enjoys singing and performing on stage.

Graham Robinson

Qualifications: BA, PhD, FRSA  


Graham has been a business school faculty member in the UK and the Netherlands; a senior manager and director in two, multinational IT companies and the Director of an international   business development consultancy. 


He is currently a Visiting Senior Fellow at the Surrey Business School and a director of Akatemia, a Community Interest Company concerned with setting up undergraduate degree programmes in UK universities that develop teams of young entrepreneurs running their own companies as the core of their university learning. He is the author of several books on business development and learning.

Abigail Jackson

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Visual expert and living embodiment of “energy and excitement."


Abigail owns a photography and editing business. She works closely with people to turn their visions into reality

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